Real-Time, On-Call Analysis for Financial Professionals

You're an investment professional.
You cover technology stocks for your clients.

You need up-to-the-minute intelligence, news, trends, and analysis of the industry, and you want it right-the-hell-now.

That's what we do. We provide instant on-call phone consultations with investors and analysts all over the world.

In fact, Jim Turley is ranked in the Top 5% of on-call consultants worldwide. Put that expertise to work for you, right now. Make the call.

Connect through GLG

Working through the Gerson Lehrman Group, we keep professional investors, advisors, and analysts from financial markets all over the world connected with what's happening in the tech sector. There's no technical jargon (unless you like that), just actionable, business-oriented information and insight to help you make investment decisions.

Top 5% of consultants worldwide

What's the impact of Intel's latest announcement? How does AMD's latest chip affect the market? Will netbook computers upset the microprocessor apple cart? Do automotive electronics look good for the next quarter? These are the kinds of questions we answer every day for financial professionals like yourself.

On-call consulting through Gerson Lehrman Group

Coverage Areas:

  • Microprocessors: INTC, AMD, TXN, ACTL, AMCC, ADI, ARM, ARMH, ATML, CEVA, CY, Freescale, IBM, IFNNY, MCHP, MIPS, ZILG, others...
  • Semiconductors: ALTR, XLNX, VIRL, BRCM, MXIM, LSI, MVL, NVDA, RMBS, more...
  • Embedded systems: Software: MSFT, CDNS, MENT, MontaVista, Green Hills, Express Logic, LynuxWorks, QNX, more...


Statement of objectivity: Neither Jim Turley nor any employees or assistants hold any significant equity stake in any companies they cover.
This assures total objectivity in analysis.