Who Is This Guy?

Silicon Insider was founded in 2001 to serve high-tech investors, engineers, and marketing professionals. Since that time we've served every major hardware and software company in the industry, including Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, ARM, MIPS, new startups, and many others. Our services include product analysis, management consulting, technical reviews, writing and editing, and legal expert testimony, among others. Most client engagements are confidential, though many clients are happy to discuss our relationship. I hope I can soon count you among my satisfied clientele. — Jim Turley

A face for radio

Jim Turley is an acknowledged authority on microprocessor chips, embedded systems, semiconductors, and intellectual-property licensing. He was president and CEO of a publicly held microprocessor company, and Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at another publicly traded microprocessor company. Turley was instrumental in managing and consummating three corporate acquisitions and helped launch a highly successful initial public offering (IPO) in 2001. He previously held positions in engineering management, product management, hardware engineering, software development, and technical support for a variety of technology companies in Europe and the U.S.

A face for radio

Outside of corporate management and engineering, Jim hosted the Embedded Systems Conference, Microprocessor Forum, and Embedded Processor Forum conference events, the industry's three largest showcases for new microprocessor and software technologies.

He is the author of seven books, was Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious industry journal Microprocessor Report (a three-time winner of the Computer Press Award), was Editor-in-Chief of Embedded Systems Design magazine, and is currently Editor of Embedded Technology Journal and publisher of Silicon Insider. Jim is a regular speaker at industry events and is frequently quoted in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, San Jose Mercury News, and appears regularly on television, radio, and Internet broadcasts.

Turley is a sought-after thought leader, consulting with leading investment firms and semiconductor companies to provide informed advice on technology trends and market requirements, conduct product reviews, and review strategy and technology developments for clients around the world.

Jim is the author of seven books including Essential Guide to Semiconductors, Advanced 80386 Programming Techniques, the best-selling PCs Made Easy, and others. He has written hundreds of articles, regular columns, and editorials for Gilder Technology Report, EE Times, Embedded Systems Design, Circuit Cellar, ExtremeTech, TechOnLine, Computer Design, Microprocessor Report, Supermicro, and dozens of other publications. Earlier in his career, Turley held engineering and marketing positions at high-technology firms in Silicon Valley, Europe, and the UK. He serves on the board of directors and/or the technical advisory boards of several global high-technology companies.

Turley creates and presents numerous seminars and training sessions covering technology trends in the competitive microprocessor market for audiences around the world. He is also a well-known speaker at industry events and is often quoted in the press or appears in live broadcasts.

Awards: Jim's second book, PCs Made Easy, made the Crown Books bestseller list the year it was published. Electronic Engineering Times honored him with its "Editorial Excellence" award for his articles on semiconductor business and technology. His book Compact Guide to Windows 95 was named "Best of the bunch for computing newcomers" by the San Jose Mercury News. He passed the entrance examination for Mensa, the high-IQ society. During his tenure at Microprocessor Report it was named "Best Newsletter" by the Computer Press Association three years running.

Jim lives and works on California's scenic Monterey Peninsula, records technical books on tape for blind engineering students, and is a competitive formula-car racing driver. He has a talented, accomplished, and stunningly attractive wife, two overachieving children, and an opossum living under the house.