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Education and entertainment — any good seminar, keynote, or lunchtime talk should provide both.

Audiences across the country and around the world have given Jim Turley rave reviews for his combination of insight, entertainment, knowledge, and style. His presentations combine practical information with friendly delivery that makes even the most complex topics entertaining and educational.

If you're looking for an engaging keynote speaker, a panel moderator, or someone to give an educational "get up to speed" talk to your staff, we've got you covered. We've got the technical chops and the presentation style to make it useful and enjoyable.

Jim Turley was previously Conference Chairman of the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), held semi-annually in Silicon Valley and Boston. He was also Conference Director of the Embedded Processor Forum conference and Senior Analyst at the prestigious Microprocessor Forum, the annual showcase for the world's semiconductor companies. 

In addition to these high-profile events, Jim has given keynotes and moderated panels at dozens of events around the globe. He also develops and presents original talks and full-day seminars to stellar reviews. His friendly, accessible, and often humorous style make him a valuable asset to any technical or business event.

Business Survival Skills for Upwardly Mobile Engineers

Want to move up the corporate ladder? Planning your own startup? Hoping to avoid layoffs and outsourcing?

Then you need a crash course in business skills. Engineers are smart but usually lack the background and aptitude for business or management. The bad news is, the very skills that make you a good engineer also make you a poor businessperson. The good news is, that's fixable. If you're a technical professional ready for the next step upward, you need our half-day course on Business 101 for Engineers.

1Behold the Power of Marketing: Marketing trumps engineering, every time. Hire good marketing people because they'll contribute more to success than elegant engineering.

2Don't Drink the Kool-Aid: Don't get too excited about your own technology, because your customers won't. Focus on the what, not the how, and be ready to make some painful tradeoffs accordingly.

3Test-Drive Your Elevator Pitch: Can you explain your product in 15 seconds? If not, there's probably a major flaw in your product, not just your delivery.

4Communication Skills Are Key: Speaking, writing, and sharing information effectively is more important than technical skill — any technical skill. Your success with VCs, customers, and coworkers will depend on it.

5Nobody Cares: Keep this in mind as you craft your marketing message. Nobody cares about you, period. Nobody's looking for your product, so you need to convince them differently.

6Every Product Is a Service: Focus on the customer's total experience, including ordering, shipping, tech support, delivery, payment, setup, configuration — all of it.

7Patents Should Be an Afterthought: Patents won't sell your product, they'll only stymie a competitor, and maybe not even that. Your customers don't care either way. Get the basics right and postpone the legal details.

8Inertia Is a Powerful Force: Customers (and even other engineers) are surprisingly resistant to change, so don't expect anyone to jump at your better mousetrap. Religious conversions hardly ever happen.

9Do You Have a Product or a Feature? A cool new way of doing things isn't enough. Your new product idea might better be realized as a new feature in someone else's product.

10Learn Geography and Languages: Do you know the difference between Taiwan and Thailand? Between a Scottish accent and an Irish one? It's a global market out there. Don't enter it unprepared.

Our intensive half-day course drills the concepts, the attitudes, and the mindset you need for life with a necktie. Whether it's your own startup or a move upstairs into management, you owe your career that big push forward. Prices start at just $495 per person for groups of five or more. Individual sessions are $1500.

Semiconductors for Business Professionals

A primer for intelligent professionals. Baffled by buzzwords like microns, Moore’s Law, and metal layers? This introductory session is perfect for managers, executives, financiers, investors and other professionals making decisions that affect technology companies.

In just two hours you'll see where the money flows, meet the major vendors and competitors, and get an introduction to the business models and technology trends behind the vast semiconductor industry.

Length: 2 hours

Event Management

When You Need It All — Now!

We can organize your entire event from venue to speakers to A/V to marketing. If you're under the gun and need to put an event together, get it done with just one phone call.

Jim has managed and chaired events like the Microprocessor Forum, Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), Embedded Processor Forum, and other events. He's corralled speakers, managed event marketing, built program content, and hosted panels for events large and small.

If you're under pressure and under the gun, let us create and manage your event. You and your guests will be glad you did.

Reformat the Dog

Weird Embedded Systems

Heard the one about the electronic lollipop? Or the 8-bit computerized Frisbee? And what's that buzzing noise inside Senator John Glenn’s intestines? Electronics and computers have found their way into the most bizarre, unexpected, and ridiculous places, and they’re here to stay. They’re in our homes, our cars, and even ourselves. Imagine the heartache when a robotic pet crashes and it’s time to reboot the family dog. This humorous and lighthearted view of the industry provides a nice break in long conferences or for an after-dinner chuckle.

Length: 30-90 minutes

Panel Moderator

Fire Up your Crowd

You've been there before — that terrible panel discussion. Everyone speaks in a monotone, looks at their shoes, and repeats the standard company propaganda. The moderator tosses softball questions while the audience fidgets in their seats.

What if it didn't have to be this way? What if your audience actually enjoyed a panel discussion? And what if, just maybe, the panelists said something original and thought-provoking?

We're all over it. Our panel discussions are lively, interesting, and information-rich. We'll keep the audience awake and the panelists on their toes. No more boring time-fillers. Energize your panel and wake up your audience. Call or write and we'll make it happen.



Top 10 Lies About Microprocessors

This popular talk bursts the misinformation, myth, and lore surrounding the microprocessor business. It’s a wonder anyone makes a good business or technical decision. In two lightning-fast hours we'll puncture the most commonly held misconceptions about this all-important business. Whether it’s PCs or embedded systems, 8 bits or 32 bits, it’s sure to be an eye-opener.

Perfect for engineering teams and project managers, it's important to hear this talk before any major new project begins.

Length: 2 hours

What Developers Want

The Real Value Proposition in Technology

This startling look into the hearts and minds of engineers and purchasing managers reveals what they're really shopping for. Is it performance, price, or power? Is it support, reputation, or familiarity? Or is it something else entirely? How would you even know?

You'd attend this seminar, that's how. Join the dozens of smart firms that have taken this inside look into the value chain in microprocessors, operating systems, and development tools.

Length: 4 hours