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IndustryMap Charts the Whole Chip Business Ever wondered how the whole semiconductor industry really works?

Want to see how Intel relates to Applied Materials, TSMC, or ARM?

Just want a cool decoration for your wall? IndustryMap does all that and more...
The Industry at a Glance With almost one hundred different semiconductor, microprocessor, IP, capital-equipment, and technology companies charted, IndustryMap gives you a thorough overview of the whole interconnected business at a glance.

Discover who supplies whom, and which companies supply them. See who's in business together and who are competitors. Reveal the partnerships and value chains that make this industry so complex... and fascinating.
Complexity in Simplicity Laid out in a clever London Tube–style map, IndustryMap graphically illustrates the relationships among almost 100 different vendors. Each colored "track" connects related businesses along a supply chain, from IP designers through manufacturing and marketing companies.

Companies are also arranged in tiers, including integrated device manufacturers (IDMs such as Intel, Texas Instruments, and others), fabless chip companies (including AMD, nVidia, Xilinx, and many more) foundry services (like TSMC and Chartered), lithography suppliers (Applied Materials, Novellus, etc.), and intellectual property licensors (such as ARM, MIPS, Rambus, and more).
Get Up to Speed Quickly IndustryMap makes understanding the overall semiconductor business a snap. For the first time, you'll see at a glance how all the companies interrelate. As both a serious reference tool and a spiffy office decoration, IndustryMap helps you make more sense of this complex industry.

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Get the original 2003 version of IndustryMap for free. Just click to download and it's all yours. Even though the financial data is no longer current, IndustryMap is still a terrific guide to the overall makeup of the semiconductor industry, the players, and their relationship to each other.