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Essential Guide to SemiconductorsThe title says it all: the "Essential Guide to Semiconductors" is the perfect book for intelligent adults who want to get up to speed on this fascinating and complex industry. Part business primer, part technical overview, Essential Guide to Semiconductors walks you through the value chain, the relationships among companies, how chips are made, who buys them any way, and what exactly is a semiconductor, anyway?

This book is written for intelligent adults who have no technical background, and no interest in acquiring one. It's gloriously free of technical jargon and obscure financial models. Just clear, easy-to-understand English with lots of charts, illustrations, and photographs to liven up the text.

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You'll learn:

  • How silicon chips are made
  • Which companies are the biggest chip makers
  • The differences between microprocessors, memories, and other types of chips
  • Where the industry is headed
  • Where most silicon chips are used
  • The difference between silicon and silicone
  • What those people in the astronaut "bunny suits" are doing
  • How much it costs to make computer chips
  • and much, much more

Advanced x86 Programming

The best reference and tutorial for advanced x86 assembly-langauge programmers, this 500-page reference spells it all out. From memory protection to task switching, Advanced 386 Programming Techniques has everything the advanced programmers needs.

The text is generously illustrated with code samples, memory maps, register bit-fields, and much more. It walks you through basic assembly-language x86 progarmming, then moves rapidly into advanced techniques using the '386 and later processors' modern instruction extensions, memory model, segmentation techniques, hardware task management, new fault modes and errors, and much more.

In this new electronic PDF edition, you can copy-and-paste all the code samples and use them yourself. Search the entire text (including code and illustrations), print selected pages for reference... anything you want!

Just some of the advanced topics are:

  • Memory protection with the MMU
  • Memory segmentation
  • Switching between 16-bit and 32-bit mode
  • Task switching and task management
  • Privelege protection levels and hierarchy
  • Enabling and using "Protected Mode" of oepration
  • Enabling and using "Real Mode" of operation
  • Programming for campatibility with older x86 chips
  • Programming for performance
  • And much, much more

Available for download as an accessible PDF, this edition is fully searchable, printable, and allows copy/paste of any content -- including code samples. Print, highlight, and annotate your book for maximum usability. Now just $20 for the entire book.

Windows 95 Book Comes with CD!

"The best of the bunch for computing newcomers!" — San Jose Mercury News

Teach yourself (or your organization) to use Windows 95 with this book + CD combination. Although Win95 isn't the latest version of Windows any more, it's the first "modern" version of Windows. Learn Win95 and you're halfway home. It's also good for older PCs, or machine that haven't been upgraded to the latest version.

Written for intelligent adults new to PCs and Windows, this book provides friendly, step-by-step instructions on everything you need to know. How to start and stop your PC, how to hold and use the mouse, how to open and close files, and so on. With no technical jargon and easy-to-follow instructions with lots of illustrations, you'll be a master before you know it.

And, the book comes with its own training videos on CD! Just plug it into your computer and watch and follow along!


PCs Made Easy

What more could you want? It's PCs made easy.

This bestseller pre-dated the "for Dummies" books and didn't insult the reader, either. If you're no dummy and just want to learn to use a PC (or Macintosh), this is the book for you. It doesn't cover on the newest version of Windows or MacOS, but it's still jam-packed with good information for beginning PC users.

Written for intelligent but non-technical adults, PCs Made Easy just might be the only book you need to get started.

Windows NT Book Comes with CD

This book + CD combination gets the novice user up-to-speed on Windows NT. The book provides step-by-step directions while the CD provides training videos you can watch.

No need to be an experienced Windows administrator or IT manager; Windows NT Training Guide shows you everything you need to know to get WinNT working the way you want. Whether you're operating the computer for yourself or as part of a workgroup or network, this book + CD will show you (literally) what you need to know.